I am Mel,
the creator and maker behind Perfectly Pear Shaped!

My family and I are living in outback South Australia, chasing opportunities and reaching for goals. My husband, is currently doing an electrical apprenticeship (when he’s not helping me stuff cushions, 😜!).

I was deep in all things motherhood - loads of washing, school drop offs, purees, nappies and failing to keep up with keepsake milestone books... all that stuff - when I realised I was ready to pursue goals of my own, and so Perfectly Pear Shaped was born.

I started Perfectly Pear Shaped because I wanted to show my children you always have a choice; you may find yourself in a place or situation that isn’t what you had planned, but what defines you is not the situation but how you chose to respond to it.

If I'm not on the sewing machine I'm usually following behind / running after my children, wrangling kids to sport or piano lessons, in my little veggie patch and every now and then😉 in the kitchen cooking the odd meal.

Yes! that's me doing my best to find the perfect amongst the pear shaped.   

I hope you love our cushions. 



lady sitting on leather chair with cushions on her lap