Our Cushions...

  • ... support early emergent literacy

    girl sitting with her P cushion


    Our cushions foster emergent literacy, important skills which help prepare children to read and write in the years before they start school. Children as young as one and two years old are already in the process of becoming literate and from an early age should be exposed to vocabulary print, letter recognition and sounds; our cushions are a great introduction to the alphabet in a perfectly personal way.



    Children as young as two and even at the age of one are in the process of becoming literate. The more exposure to print and vocabulary the better prepared children are for learning to read and write. Our cushions expose children to letter formation, Oral language and basic alphabet knowledge by being in and a part of children's every days lives. Our cushions can lead into conversations about sounds of the alphabet and can help with letter recognition and vocabulary. 



    • ... are environmentally conscious

    bag of pears

    Caring for our environment is important to us. Our cushions are handcrafted right here in our home, with our children's Earth in mind. Our super-soft cushion filling is made from post-consumer plastic water bottles, and we work with a combination of new and vintage fabrics which means you can feel confident you’re making a sustainable choice.

    Your cushion will be shipped using reusable, compostable mail bags (be sure to snip between the double adhesive lines).
    Your cushion will arrive in a hand-sewn calico bag to protect it during shipping - they can also be used for your fruit and veg shopping, for packing and storing shoes, or to keep the toys in the car under control. 


    •  ... are personal, unique and individual 

    girl hugging E cushion

    Our cushions are personal in letter, individualised in print and colour and are as unique and as special as the person being gifted.

    Using beautiful, statement fabrics in a range of prints and colours, with double stitching in and out of corners and hand-stitched finishes, we create a piece that is personal and unique. A home decor piece that tells a story of connection, to love now and to be treasured for years to come.

    We can't help but feel excited and honoured that we get to play a part of such a thoughtful special gesture.

    How perfect!

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